Customer satisfaction survey

Our customer satisfaction survey for 2017 is now available – results are very positive.

We wish to thank all of our valued customers for granting us time and effort as participants in the survey, and for helping us improve our services.

The main focus areas in the survey were our customers’ perceptions of our communication, flexibility and service, delivery performance, quality and our collaboration in general.

As regards communication, we measured our performance on accessibility, timing and language. In general, our customers are very satisfied with their communication with FJ Industries, and the survey showed further improvement in these areas compared to the results from previous years.

Flexibility, delivery performance and service were analyzed based on our handling of RFQs and our ability to be flexible and provide a high level of service at all times. Once again our customers responded with positive feedback. Generally, the results met the satisfactory levels set in 2015.

When looking at quality, we are generally given a very high rating by all respondents. With the IATF 16949 fully implemented across the organization globally, we expect this already satisfactory level of quality to improve even further.

We have also asked our customers to predict future partnerships with FJ Industries. In general, customers stated that future collaboration was very likely and that business with FJ Industries is even likely to increase within the coming 2 years. We are very happy with the results of the survey, and we are now looking forward to growing our business in continued close collaboration with our loyal customers.