Powder metal

FJ Industries A/S has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of components in powder metal


We manufacture automotive and medical components, as well as components for application in all other industries.

More components than you may think can be manufactured with powder metal technology.

Cost savings are often quite significant compared to more traditional manufacturing technologies. It is possible to produce powder metal components with very high levels of dimensional precision, strength and durability.

Material waste and process time are very low, which reduces costs significantly.

Tool costs must be taken into consideration, but depending on the complexity of the component, it often proves viable to choose powder metal, even if you only have an annual volume of a couple of thousand components.


Call, email, visit or invite us and we will provide you with a solution based on your needs and requirements and  with a precise price for your specific component.

We make it easy for you to make qualified decisions regarding design, materials and production. You can trust us to provide you with sound advice and counselling every step of the way – We have done this a million times before !





Actuators are typically driven by a gear motor or servomotor for determining velocity and position.


Powder metal is a suitable manufacturing method for machine components and automation.


FJ Sintermetal manufactures sintered components for the automotive industry.


Components for compressors typically have particular high precision requirements.


Filters produced in powder metal technology are used in many industrial applications

Forestry and gardening

FJ Sintermetal manufactures components for professional machines for maintenance of parks and forestry.


The sintering process is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of gear components.

Household appliances

Powder metal components are found in many appliances and machines used in the household.


FJ Sintermetal manufactures various components for hydraulic pumps.

Locking systems

The powder metal process is used for manufacturing locking systems.


Components for electrical motors are typically manufactured in soft magnetic materials.

Power tools

Many tool parts can conveniently be manufactured in powder metal when requiring uniformity and narrow tolerances.


Sintered components are often used as a basis for pump components.


For automation of opening and closing operation of windows powder metal components are typically used as the mechanical operating element.


The powder metal technology is a suitable manufacturing method for many components within fittings, filters and other parts designed for industrial use.